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Authentic You
Mother Daughter

Join us for a special edition of our Authentic You women's workshop. Spend the day gaining a better understanding of yourself and your daughter as you strengthen your relationship through hands on activities with our horses!

In this workshop specifically for Mothers & Daughters, you both will learn how to work with horses (No riding involved!) to help find the authentic YOU that has been hiding deep inside.

Horses are nonjudgmental, honest and forgiving. They are able to see through the chaos and help guide you to who you really are. The connection with them will help you & your daughter find those authentic parts of yourselves that have been hidden away. Allowing you to create an authentic relationship with yourself and each other.

*You must provide your own lunch*
We'll provide the horses.

May 14, 2022
9am - 3pm

$249 per Mother Daughter Pair
Daughters must be 12 or older

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