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horseback riding school in salisbury area

Horsemanship & Riding Lessons

Lazy J Ranch Salisbury, MA

Horsemanship - English Riding - Western Riding - Pleasure Riding - Lease Horses

Lazy J Ranch starts new clients and beginners first in our: Introduction to Horsemanship Program. This program is for kids and adults just starting out and will take place in a private session.  
Once our beginners learn the skill set required to advance, we graduate them to their choice of a semi private or private lesson. As our students gain more experience and skill we introduce them to one-day activities such as trail rides, onsite fun shows and activities as well as off-premises one-day local horse shows using Lazy J Ranch-owned horses. Customers are encouraged to take lessons from all of the instructors of the Lazy J Ranch Team to learn the unique attributes, techniques and riding disciplines of each instructor.

horsemanship in salisbury area

Introduction To Horsemanship

Lazy J Ranch’s Introduction to Horsemanship Program emphasizes practical work and confidence building for students with little or no horse experience. Students are introduced to safe handling methods including approaching and haltering the horse, tying, leading, lunging, and grooming. Students are familiarized with parts of the horse and tack and will learn how to saddle/bridal a horse and proper care of tack.


horseback riding school near salisbury


Riding Lessons

Lazy J Ranch has personalized horseback riding lessons that are tailored to creating working relationships between our staff, our student, and our horses for the purpose of developing confident and effective skills for pleasure or competition. From the beginning introduction through the competitive level, our lesson programs are known for our unique style of teaching, family oriented atmosphere, and full farm experience. 


Whatever riding discipline you choose: English, Western, or Pleasure Riding, we have experienced licensed instructors and quality horses. You will learn to enjoy horses safely and gain the mental and physical confidence and benefits that riding provides. Equestrian sports are a great way to stay in shape, have fun and create relationships... at any age!!!

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Horses Available for Lease

As your skills advance and your interest peaks, you may take advantage of the opportunity to lease a horse of your own. If you are an intermediate or advanced level student who is riding regularly in our group riding lessons, you may half lease A Lazy J Ranch owned horse.


This program is recommended for those students who are considering buying a horse, but are not ready to take on the costs associated with the purchase and resale of the horse until they gain practical ownership experience.

Riding Lessons
Horse Leasing
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