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Horsemanship & Riding Lessons

Lazy J Ranch Salisbury, MA

Horsemanship - English Riding - Western Riding - Pleasure Riding 

Lazy J Ranch’s Horsemanship & Horseback Riding Programs emphasize on
practical work and confidence building for students with little or no horse experience.
Students are introduced to safety in the barn, safe handling methods, learning horse anatomy and parts of the tack, and how to saddle/bridal a horse properly.  
Once you Graduate from Horsemanship it onto the NEXT STEP,
you can learn how to safely ride a horse, while having a TON of fun!


Lazy J Ranch starts beginners in our Tiny Tots or Introduction to Horsemanship Programs.

These programs are for kids and adults that are just starting out and will take place in a private one on one session.   
Once our beginners learn the skill set required to advance to the next level, we graduate them to their choice of a semi private or private mounted lesson package.

As our students gain more experience and skills they are invited to participate in one-day activities such as trail rides, onsite fun shows and other activities as well as off-premises one-day local horse shows using Lazy J Ranch-owned horses. Customers are encouraged to take lessons from all of the instructors of the Lazy J Ranch Team to learn the unique attributes, techniques and riding disciplines of each instructor.

Lazy J Ranch follows the Horse Sense Learning Level Curriculum for our Lesson Program.

Here's WHY the Levels system works:

  • It provides goals for students that keep them invested in learning along with time-saving teaching tools to help us teach those goals!

  • It gives students clear, achievable milestones.

  • It gives instructors, students and parents a way to measure achievement outside of the show ring.

  • Students who aren't able to ride can still have unmounted learning goals and rewards.

  • It encourages students to devote time to fundamentals, flatwork, and their unmounted education, all of which can be lost in the excitement of jumping and competing.

  • Students in group lessons easily form bonds with other students and encourage each other to learn.

  • It helps both students and parents understand requirements for advancement. Our students are allowed to canter when they achieve Yellow Level, join the show team at Blue Level, lease a horse after earning both Green Horsemanship and HorseSense ribbons, etc.


Tiny Tots

Our Tiny Tot program is a horsemanship focused program designed for children ages 2-5 who are not quite ready to ride a horse by themselves. While working through the program Tiny Tots will become familiar with all horse related skills including grooming, tacking, proper leading, vocabulary, balance and proper riding techniques with a little help.

While we expect every student to try we don’t expect our students to be perfect! Our goal is to create a safe environment for small children to gain confidence around large animals, confidence in themselves and to have fun while learning! Not all lessons will be riding lessons but all lessons are important for a strong horsemanship minded rider!

Much of this program includes on-the-ground learning designed to empower excellent learning and increase comfort around horses that youth will need as they transition into riding independently.

Lessons typically end with a Lead Line or Lunge Line Ride around the property or in one of the arenas. 


Introduction To Horsemanship

Lazy J Ranch’s Introduction to Horsemanship Program emphasizes practical work and confidence building for students with little or no horse experience. Students are introduced to safe handling methods including approaching and haltering the horse, tying, leading, lunging, and grooming. Students are familiarized with anatomy of the horse and tack and will learn how to saddle/bridal a horse and proper care of tack.

Learning the Basics

Before ever putting foot in stirrup, you’ll need to gain at least a basic understanding of animal science; not only for your own safety, but to ensure the safety and well-being of your horse. Although you need not know everything, there are some basic concepts you will need to understand before beginning to learn how to ride.


Fundamental Skills:

 The following list details five of the first initial concepts you will need to understand prior to beginning

to learn how to ride:

  • Body Language (Approaching a Horse)

  • Attire for the Rider

  • Equipment for your Horse

  • Riding Position

  • The 3 Crucial Aids


This is by no means an exhaustive list of all things horse-related; however, it is imperative that new riders possess a general understanding of these concepts and the relationship that they share to one another to ensure the safety and well-being of the horse that you will be working with.

_MG_1103 Full.JPG

Mounted Lessons

Lazy J Ranch has personalized horseback riding lessons that are tailored to creating working relationships between our staff, our student, and our horses for the purpose of developing confident and effective skills for pleasure or competition. From the beginning introduction through the competitive level, our lesson programs are known for our unique style of teaching, family oriented atmosphere, and full farm experience. 

Whatever riding discipline you choose: English, Western, or Pleasure Riding, we have experienced licensed instructors and quality horses to learn and grown with. You will learn to enjoy horses safely and gain the mental and physical confidence and benefits that riding provides. Equestrian sports are a great way to stay in shape, have fun and create relationships... at any age!!!
Group and Private lessons packages are available. 

Lazy J Ranch Uses the Horse Sense Learning Level Curriculum for our Lesson Program instructors, students and parents a way to measure achievement outside of the show ring. 


Visitor Fun Ride

These are semi-private lessons for individuals or parties who only want a one-time fun ride and are not a

member of our student community.

Visitor fun rides can be catered to

riders of any level, from first time riders

looking for foundational skills to advanced riders looking to work

on one particular skillset.

Visitor fun rides are kept in an

enclosed arena and do not go on trail.
Semi-Private Lesson: will only

be the individual and their party.

Book a Fun Ride Today!


Horse Around Lessons

These lessons are great for riders ages 5

and up, including adults of any age.

Multiple riders can join one lesson.

Horsing Around Lessons are specially

designed for young visitors who are want

to have a lesson learning about how to

work around horses, ride horses and properly

care for them and groom them after a ride.

Lessons are focused on obstacle courses

and games designed to promote a

fun learning environment.

Horse Around Lessons are kept in an

enclosed arena and do not go on trail.
Semi-Private Lesson: will only be the

individual and their party

_MG_1103 Full.JPG

Horse Encounters

If you want to meet some lovable horses and give them snuggles then this

is the encounter for you.

You will get the opportunity to meet our herd and  learn some very interesting facts about these equine beauties by

one of our Lazy J Ranch Team Members.

In addition you will learn abou the other farm animals that live at the Lazy J Ranch and are part of our programs.

Horse Encounters are sold per person with a maximum of 6 people

(adults or children) and are open to

multiple groups of individuals.

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