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Meet Our Teachers

Meet the Faces that Make the Magic Happen


Uncle Buck

Hi! My name is Buckwheat. I had a terrible accident in the beginning of my life that filled me with uncertainty, fear, and chaos. Now it is filled with purpose and love being part of the herd at Lazy J Ranch. I share my awesome paddock and barn with my friend Libby and the goats.  I love when we have visitors, I get to teach them great things and spend time with people and help them feel good about themselves.


Hi! I’m Sonja. I have been at the Lazy J Ranch since I was 1 ½ years old. I enjoy spending time with my best friends Libby Doo and Miss Ani (she is human). Miss Ani and I spend a lot of time training, learning and having fun.  We are planning our Rated Dressage Debut this upcoming season, I am so excited!   I truly am a people pony, I especially enjoy making people laugh and smile. I'm very sassy at times and have a huge personality you just have too love.

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Hi... My name is Blue, I am 6 years old this year and just had a new baby foal named Sunny Blue.  I have been at the Lazy J Ranch since I was 6 months old. I wasn't supposed to end up here but my old home was a victim of a fire and the Lazy J opened their hearts and doors to me. I'm now living my best life ever! I love hitting the trails and spending time with all the visitors of the farm especially Miss Emma. I am a huge fan of people and love to be loved. I had a bumpy start in life but now I settled and love helping people start new beginnings.


Hi... My name is Melena. I have been at the Lazy J Ranch since 2017. I came from a huge farm in Minnesota where I was trained and ridden along the countryside. I’ve had quite an experience in the world of competition, including dressage, hunter pacers, and even rodeos. I am a very versatile horse and really enjoy people. Being a teacher is very exciting and fun too, I am the lead mare in my herd and enjoy teaching humans to be leaders too.

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Libby Do

Hello There! I’m Libby. I had a very rough start to my life. After being passed around from home to home I found myself feeling unloved and homeless. That was very scary for me but now I have a stable home at Lazy J Ranch. My best friend Sonja and Buckwheat taught me the ropes around here and keep me company. I get to help people of all sizes deal with the scary things in their lives just like mine, I love helping people feel better it makes me happy!


Hola! I’m Stretch. I was the very first horse to arrive at the Lazy J Ranch in 2008. I spent some time competing in horse shows in my younger life, but I am much happier being a teacher and living a life full of fun here at the ranch. Sometimes I run around and chase all the other animals like the goats and chickens, it’s great to watch my mom and dad’s reaction when I do this. I love living at the Ranch, I get to act like my goofy self and horse around with all our guests and make them laugh!



It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Bo. I am 11 years old and came here with my brother Luke last August. We grew up on an Amish Farm, and somehow ended up in a few auction houses. We were lucky enough to get adopted end given a new beginning at the Lazy J Ranch. I am very lazy, mellow and adore people. I especially enjoy when they brush and hang out with me. I love to give kisses every chance I can get and really enjoy being a teacher and helping people get a new start and grow.

Luke the Duke

Greetings, my name is Luke. I am 13 years old, I lived on an Amish Farm in my younger years, now I am one of teachers at the Lazy J Ranch. I enjoy hanging with my brother Bo, we even pull a cart together as a team, it’s super fun. We can be a bit lazy but as a team we always get our job done. We’ve learned a lot together and will be starting our jumping debut this year hoepefuly in a 3 phase horse show. I love people and making them feel safe and happy.

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