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Basic Saturday June 8, 2024
Advanced Sunday June 9, 2024

9-5pm each day with a 1 Hr Lunch break

Lazy J Ranch, brings you EQUIFIRST Aid USA 
Instructed By: Rebecca Barret

EFA Instructors


 EQUIFIRST AID USA is open to ages (12+).
Each Session is Limited to 20 Participants/day.

Basic Equine Health and Emergency First Aid Training Course

Equine Health and Emergency First Aid Training Course 

This is a one-day hands-on course with horses covering: what your vet needs to know when you call, conditioning a horse to accept treatment, taking proper vital signs, dealing with lacerations, punctures, colic, choke, collapse, casting, shock, hoof issues, recognizing pain in the horse, sources of pain and alleviation, spinal health, injury prevention and so much more!

All attendees receive a certificate of completion and first aid manual. This course also earns you professional development credits with state associations of Veterinary Technicians, PATH, EAGALA, IAABC and more in addition to equine-related insurance discounts!

(The basic first aid course is recommended prior to taking the advanced course.)  

Basic First Aid Course  $169 (+$10 Processing Fee)

Saturday June 8, 2024

EquiFirst Aid Basic

Advanced Emergency First Aid Training Course

Plan, prepare, react to any emergency! Join us for a one-day highly advanced equine emergency first aid course and learn what to do in more extreme situations!

This course covers everything from assessing the condition of a horse, trapped horses, poison, burns, bites, hypo/hyperthermia, tie ups, fractures, sucking chest wounds and more. It prepares the student to handle the most serious injuries, where without human intervention, the horse will not survive. 

Advanced First Aid Course $169 (+$10 Processing Fee)

Sunday June 9, 2024

EquiFirst Aid Advanced

Attend Both & Save!

  • Equifirst Aid Bundle

    $338.00 + $10 Processing Fee Attend Both Classes
    Valid for 6 months
    • Equine Health & Emergency First Aid Course Certification
    • Advanced Emergency First Aid Course Certification
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