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Life Changing Programs For Veterans & Their Families

Forward Movement

Life Changing Programs for Veterans and Their Families

Lazy J Ranch Salisbury, MA

Creating Resiliency & Hope For Veterans

And Their Families

Transitioning from being in the service to everyday life is something that requires much work and effort, not to mention learning a whole new set of life skills. The good news is that you don’t need to do it alone. 

Lazy J Ranch has developed objectively-driven programs that are specifically designed to help veterans build and develop the exact skills needed to re-integrate into their family, and their community. All of this is achieved by working alongside a teacher that you might not have considered before, a horse.

Horses are prey animals, and as prey animals they have astute abilities to be highly aware of their surroundings. This ability allows for introspective learning that helps participants not only become aware of their emotions, but also how to work through them.

If you are ready step outside the box and back into your everyday life then our life skills program at Lazy J Ranch is the perfect place to be.

Transitioning Veterans Programs & Workshops

Transitioning Veterans

Programs & Workshops

Change can be exciting, as well as potentially stressful. The transition from military to civilian life is definitely a time of change and adjustment. Offering both challenges, and many rewards.
The significant changes that comes with leaving the military, can span across many dimensions of life, and may cause an experience of uncertainty and loss of confidence.

Having knowledge of skills that can help to better cope with the change process, as well as skills to pull from when one feels “stuck” is critical in this time of transition.

Our programs with horses will not only help to embrace a new and healthy identity as a veteran, they will help to build skills that will help with all areas of life after being in the service.

Our Forward Movement Programs & Workshops are here to support veterans on their journey of moving forward in their lives, by giving them the skills to help them gain resiliency!

families of veterans programs & workshops

Families Of Veterans

Programs & Workshops

Transitioning into the civilian world can be a difficult and stressful experience for any military member or their family. While the military lifestyle has built adaptability in military families, they are transitioning too. The military lifestyle has taught the families to be resilient and flexible, but change can still feel overwhelming.


Transition may mean a new place to live, different responsibilities, changes to schools, jobs, and friends. And when a partner or other family member transitions from active service to civilian life, there can be stress navigating that transition at home.


Our programs will help you to tune in on important skills like communication and adaptability - helping you and your family to become aware of some of the challenges that you'll commonly encounter and what you can do to help navigate and manage them successfully as a family, on your new journey!

Veteran Programs
Lazy J Ranch Salisbury, MA

Transition Successfully and Reintegrate into Civilian Life.

We fall under the "Life Skills" and "Social Integration", domains of the Well-Being Framework of transition. 

Whether the challenges be with themselves, or with their family members, many people are unfamiliar with the numerous challenges that come with integrating into civilian communities, or the new challenges of life with their families at home.


These domains deal with well-being, skills, communication, and social relationships, all which prepare military members for transition and enables them and their families to navigate the process of living in civilian life - and that's where we come in.

We provide life-changing and proven, researched, objectively-based programs designed to empower veterans and their families build an armour of skills that they can protect themselves with and apply to their everyday lives. Life skills such as resiliency, adaptability, relationship building, and executing plans to solve problems, to name a few.

Veterans Wellness Programs
programs to help veterans with horses
Lazy J Ranch Salisbury, MA

Each Person Will Learn:

  • that force does not equate to movement 

  • appropriate assertiveness

  • that looking back stops movement forward

  • flexibility and adaptability

  • how to accept responsibility and accountability

  • how to overcome barriers to find change

  • that it takes courage to make the changes the horse is telling them

  • how to be problem solve by being creative and innovative

  • how to find opportunity in working together and teamwork

  • how to develop decision making skills

  • how to develop patience to take it one step at a time

  • how to find the leader within themselves

  • emotional awareness, empathy, self-actualization, independence and self-regard

  • how to realize the benefits associated with effective communication

  • the value of mutual trust, respect, and personal integrity... All while having a blast!

What People Are Saying

“I learned that it's all about communication. I won’t be able to release past trauma without being able to communicate my pain with my team,  family and friends. It's something I will bring in to my next relationship. I have never been much at communicating  but we can’t go forward in a  relationship if we don’t communicate and stay on the  same  page. The horses taught me that."

Program Participant

FORWARD MOVEMENT: Programs For Transitioning Veterans

Veteran's Forward Movement Weekly Program

8 Sessions




Please contact for dates.

FORWARD MOVEMENT: Workshops For Transitioning Veterans With Horses

Veteran's Forward Movement 2-Day Workshop

2 Full Days




Please contact for dates.

Family Programs For military families

Family Herd
Weekly Program

6 Sessions




Please contact for dates.

*Family programs are based on a 3-person family unit, $65/session for additional family members*

programs for military families

Family Herd
2-Day Workshop

2 Full Days




Please contact for dates.

*Family programs are based on a 3-person family unit, $65/session for additional family members*

Pricing & Dates For Veterans Life Skills Program

*Please Note*


We are committed to serving our community and are happy to talk with you about different payment options, payment plans and scholarships if our programs do not fit within your current budget.

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