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Family Herd Series - The Ultimate Family Outing!

Lazy J Ranch Salisbury, MA

Experience a brand new kind of family fun!

When you think of having a family outing, the first thing that comes to mind might be going to an amusement park or zoo. All these places are great for spending quality time with those we love and it can make us smile when looking back on all the fun times had together. But have you ever asked yourself: What else did I take away from any one of our outings? 

What if we told you there’s something even better than anything before - The Family Herd series located near Hampton Beach!

Working with horses on the ground (no riding!) is an unparalleled opportunity to not only learn a new skill, but also make memories with those you love the most. This wholesome activity will strengthen relationships and build lifelong bonds that last forever.

Lazy J Ranch Salisbury, MA

Bring Your Family Closer Together By Working With Horses!

We don't have as much time to spend with one another anymore. Between full-time jobs, part-time gigs and after school activities, family obligations, technology and homework - we barely even get a home cooked meal together! This series is an opportunity for us to build what matters most: our families! You will learn how you can create more unity in your life through making healthy choices while having fun quality activity times with the ones who matter most.

The Family Herd Series will help your family thrive by teaching you how to communicate effectively with one another in order for all of you to learn together while building an unbreakable bond. You'll see each program have unique skills that are relatable back to your family!

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Lazy J Ranch Salisbury, MA

So, Who Is This Family Activity For?

The program is for ANY family! The benefits and information are applicable to everyone.

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6 Week Program
2-Day Workshop

6 Sessions




Please contact for dates.

*Family programs are based on a 3-person family unit, $65/session for additional family members*

2 Full Days




Please contact for dates.

*Family programs are based on a 3-person family unit, $65/day for additional family members*

Lazy J Ranch Salisbury, MA

Pricing & What’s Included In This Family Program?

  • Hands on Programs, to Build Skills Essential for Family Life. 

  • Learn How To Communicate & Listen To Each Other More Effectively. 

  • Exercises Designed to Help Your Family Solve Problems by Coming Together To Resolve Differences.

  • Have Greater Appreciation Of Other Members' Efforts & Contributions.

  • A video of the family experience with the horses, to reflect upon the experiences

  • Very needed Family time away from the house!

  • PLUS... You will also receive a guide to dinner table conversations that will open up communication in your family, help address any issues in day-to-day life, and learn how to healthily celebrate each other's successes!


What You'll be Saying After Attending

The most exciting family outing in Salisbury!

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